Thursday, November 30th 2023
... Miaoulia

Miaoulia are events that last 3 days each year, dedicated to the Admiral Andrea Miaouli , towards the end of June to mark the 177 years after the death of Admiral Andreas Miaoulis.

Highslide JSThe event includes, in the second day of celebrations, the welcomming of the representative of the Navy and the officials at City Hall by the Mayor and the City Council.

The third day, there is a Holy Mass at the Cathedral and a transfer from the Archive - Museum of the vessel with the heart of Admiral Andreas Miaoulis.

Then a memorial service at the statue of Admiral Andreas Miaoulis.



Highslide JSIn "Miaouleia" unless part of the ritual, including exhibitions, lectures, musical events, theatrical performances, games, folk dances, torch, boating and sports games.

Followed by a crowd, honoring thus this feast of remembrance events and people that played a major role in the outcome of the revolution of 1821.

The festivities culminate and solemnly closed with the burning of fireworks, and the enactment of the Battle of Geronta and the burning of Touk flagship, the third and final day of events.

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