Saturday, June 22nd 2024
... Kountouriotia

Highslide JSKOUNTOURIOTEIA are celebrations, organized by the Municipality of Hydra, commemorating the 76 years since the death of the First President of the Greek Republic, Hydra Admiral Paul Kountourioti.

During the festivities, arount at the end of August, there are a lot of tourists and locals who attend, also invited officials, representatives of political and military authorities as well as representatives of literature and art.

The Kountourioteia include a lavish six-day celebration program, which is filled with tours of the island's museums, exhibitions, screenings, lectures, book presentations and sporting events.

On the last day of the events there is a memorial service and wreath laying at the statue and the Tomb of the Admiral and the first President of the Greek Republic, Paul Kountourioti.

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