Thursday, November 30th 2023
Hydra has got magnificent Sights ...

The beautiful roads and alleys, paved with slabs and the houses, adorned with flowers, give to the island of Hydra a touch of magic and a romantic mood. 

Its worth visiting the Manors of the Island and watch the harbour from down the hill. 

Also, to admire the sunset from "Periptero" and "Spilia" and to visit the 6 Monasteries and the 300 churches of Hydra.

Especially, you have to visit : The twin Monasteries of Saint Eupraxia and Prophet Elias, where in 1825 were imprisoned some of the heroes of Greek Revolution, amongst them and Kolokotronis. 

The Monastery of Saint Trinity, The Monasteryof Saint Matrona, The Monastery of Saint Nikolaos. The Monastery of Virgin Mary of Zoubra, and the Church of dormition, with the Byzantine and Ecclesiastic Museum.

Also, you have to visit the Churches of Hypapante and St. John the abstinent, with the wonderful wall paintings of the 18th century,the Museum of History, which runs daily and has got importand relics, archives and also a library. A very nice sight is the Bastions with cannons, that protected the city to the left and to the right of the harbour.

Finally, you should visit the Manor of Lazaros Kountoyriotis, which it accommodates a division of the National Historic Museum, the Manor of G. Kountouriotis.

The manor accommodates the Museum of Byzantic Art and History and the Auditorium "Melina Merkouri", which it displays paintings of famous artists.

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